– 192.168.l.l Router Configuration Guide IP address is utilized as a default address to find and design Linksys routers. It is fundamentally the same as it might be said that both IP addresses are utilized by routers as default addresses and furthermore could be utilized to design them. So on the off chance that you have Linksys router this IP address would be the best figure to sort in a program to get to the design board.

In the event that you have Linksys router (or another router which ordinarily utilizes as default IP address) however you can’t interface with it there could be a few purposes behind it.

An ordinary reason is that your router default IP address was changed to an alternate one and you have to discover it out. You can read guidelines on discovering IP address of the router on a landing page of this site.

Another reason could be that you are not associated with the network. Ensure that your wired association is alright (lights are flickering both on router and PC). For remote check on the off chance that you have a solid flag since some of the time remote networks may begin to act unusually when gadget is too a long way from the router. Likewise ensure that IP address of your gadget is not beginning with 169.254 – having IP address like that appointed more often than not implies something turned out badly with network design and gadget can’t acquire IP address from the router.

You can likewise play out this essential check rundown to ensure that your network is working effectively:

– Check that router is controlled

– Check that router is associated with the DSL/link

– Verify that Power, DSL/Cable, Internet lights are squinting or enduring on the router. Oftentimes squinting light on DSL/link with Internet light off could mean association issues.

– Make beyond any doubt that Wireless network is empowered in the router. Every now and again there is a catch on the router which turns on and turns of remote network.

On the off chance that none of these counsels router manual for investigating directions. On the off chance that you presume that network is designed effectively yet there is no web association at that point contact your ISP for guidelines on setting it up.

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